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We Build Wealth

for Your Child.

Act early to secure your child’s future wealth and maximize their tax benefits.

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Built by

Stanford graduates, committed to empowering every child’s financial future.

Money-smart parent’s groundwork

Enable their children to earn income.

- Step 1 -

- Step 2 -

Open tax-advantaged accounts. (e.g. Custodial Roth IRA)

- Step 3 -

Boost savings early with compound interest, tax-free.






$10M +

Custodial Roth IRA, opened at 7

Roth IRA, opened at 25

Interest & Contribution: 10% average interest on $6500 annual contribution

$8M+ additional tax-free capital gain

As a result,

their children get

Now, we’ve made
tax-free wealth building accessible
for your child.


managed by AI

From earning

to reporting

to tax-filing

Kickstart your child’s earnings.

Let your child earn through chores, nurturing their financial habits.

(Earned income is a prerequisite to open tax-advantaged accounts like custodial Roth IRAs.)

Document properly and stay IRS-ready.

We handle work history documentation to keep you IRS-ready, stress-free.

Generate tax-filings hassle-free

Yes, we even manage tax-filing, ensuring you truly have nothing to worry about.

Start earning

Opportunity unlocked!

With earned income, you can open a custodial Roth IRA for your child now.

* Earned income is a prerequisite to open tax-advantaged accounts like custodial Roth IRAs.

Open tax-beneficial accounts

Secure tax-free growth with a custodial Roth IRA, leveraging compound interest.

$1.4M+ tax-free

$100k+ tax-free

age 40

age 18

Start saving


money smarts

in your child




Build early saving habits

Teach behavioral skills and financial literacy while making money.

Start growing

Start young,

achieve more.

With guided earning, investing, and managing,

your child is set to conquer financial success.

Unlock endless possibilities

for your child’s future

with the gift of financial freedom.

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